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The Inspiration:
(Sri Ramakrishna, the Holy Mother, Swami Vivekananda.)

Our Guiding Spirit :
Swami Lokeswaranandaji Maharaj

Born on 19th April 1909, Swami Lokeswaranandaji Maharaj left his mortal frame on 31st December, 1998. A renowned monk of the Ramakrishna order, Swami Lokeswaranandaji was a ‘Man without Frontiers.’ He was an erudite scholar and a great visionary with the rare ability of transforming his visions into action and achievement.

A man of indomitable courage, he built up the multidimensional educational complex of Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission, and made it a centre for excellence in school education. He also created the Narendrapur Lokshiksha Parishad that continues to equip the rural youth with employable skills in thousands of villages all over the country. He also set up the Blind boys’ Academy in Naredrapur that has excelled as one of the leading institutions for the blind in the whole of Asia. During his tenure at Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata, Swami Lokeswaranandaji diversified the activities of the Institute and made it an International Cultural Centre recognized globally as an institution par excellence. He was the pioneer in establishing the Ramakrishna Vivekananda movement in Russia. He was invited to speak at Oxford, Cambridge, Humboldt and other universities throughout Europe, United States and Canada.

Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation is named after Swami Lokeswarananda Maharaj, the highly revered monk of the Ramakrishna Order. His life was a living example of the ideology. Swami Vivekananda preached- “Service to man is service to God”.

Our Programs

It’s our mission to help people reduce their poverty by a huge number of helpful campaigns to make it essential.

Eye Hospital

The Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation is a renowned charitable organization dedicated to providing comprehensive eye care services to the underprivileged communities in India.

Filix School of Education

The Filix School of Education is a distinguished educational institution committed to providing quality education and shaping the future of aspiring educators.

Education for All

Nanritam Education for All is a remarkable non-profit organization that is passionately committed to promoting education and empowering underprivileged children.

Nutri ed

Nanritam Nutri Ed is a remarkable initiative that focuses on addressing the nutritional needs of underprivileged children. Recognizing that proper nutrition is essential for the overall development

Udbhaas Child
Development Clinic
[An Unit of Nanritam]

There are over 35 million children in India with developmental disabilities and more than 6,00,000 in Kolkata. Even today, globally 250 million children below 5 years are at risk of developmental delay.

Nanritam Krishi Kendra

Nanritam Krishi Kendra is dedicated to promoting sustainable farming practices and empowering farmers with knowledge, resources, and innovative solutions. Our mission is to enhance agricultural productivity, ensure food security, and contribute to the overall development of rural communities.

Approximately 1cr beneficiaries have received service from Lokeswarananda Eye hospital. Since 2008, more than 35 lac patients have been treated in Lokeswarananda Eye Hospital. 1.2 lac cataract surgeries done. 1200 complicated Eye surgeries done. 95% surgeries done free of cost.

More than 500 students in Filix School of Education. 30% students sponsored.

50000 children 1640 teachers and 200 institutions from challenging landscapes benefitted from Education For All pedagogy and training.

1500 marginalised children receive daily nutritional support. 2000 farmers, community members and local teachers are supported with seeds, manures, pesticides and modern know how for growing kitchen gardens.

Partnered with West Bengal Police in 15 districts in West Bengal for 244 outreach eye camps. 25921 patients examined during outreach camps.

About us

Welcome to the Nanritam
Non-profit organization

Almost two decades ago a group of philanthropists united under the name Nanritam [नानृतं] or ‘The Truth’ at Barandanga. Some of them were doctors, specialising in ophthalmology. And the poor healthcare facilities of this remote pocket became their immediate cause of concern. Hence Nanritam began its journey with weekend eye camps for the invisible population of Barandanga and its neighbouring villages desperately grappling with poverty. Back then the villagers had to travel all the way to Asansol, the nearest town, for minimal diagnosis and treatment which they could ill afford. The eye camps grew into a tiny 6-bedded hospital called Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation facilitating cataract surgeries. In 2012, the Government of West Bengal supported this hospital and helped it scale up into a 100 bedded super speciality referral eye hospital.


Our vision is to see the underprivileged in remote and neglected areas live healthy, purposeful and active life – a life they can command themselves, free of the shackles of poverty, ill-health and illiteracy.

How we help.

Give a future full
of choices



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Questions? Ask!

Fill in your information and we will get back to you —


just give us a call: +91 8335045430

Questions? Ask!

Fill in your information and we will get back to you —


just give us a call: +91 8335045430


84% of our total operating expenses fund programs for children in the countries we serve.