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    About Us

    NANRITAM is a non-profit social welfare organization started in 2002 by a few like-minded professionals who had one common inspiration to guide them - Swami Lokeswaranandaji Maharaj of Ramakrishna Mission and his ideal of service to mankind.

    NANRITAM is registered under the Registrar of Societies Act on 20th February, 2002. 

    Registration No. : S /1l / 8102 of 2001– 2002.

    As an organization, our greatest strength is the dedicated and cohesive team comprising of youth as well as senior members who work round the clock with clearly designed work-plans. We believe in complete transparency in all work areas which also helps us build a relationship of trust with the community. We work among communities living the some of most backward and socio-politically disturbed regions of West Bengal and Jharkhand. We have been able to reach out to the communities with the help of community volunteers and a holistic approach to integrated development for all sections of the community. Our aim is to achieve basic education, healthcare and livelihood avenues available to all, irrespective of caste or creed, gender or class.


    Our mission is to render holistic support to all underprivileged irrespective of gender, class, creed or religion by creating:

    1. A state-of-art eye-care system that can run by trained community members and become a community asset 

    2. Skill training with employment linkages for the youth 

    3. Create livelihood interventions that are relevant to the local context

    4. Care for infants and children with special needs

    5. A system of quality education for rural children as a part of community development


    Our vision is to see the underprivileged in remote and neglected areas live healthy, purposeful and active life - a life they can command themselves, free of the shackles of poverty, ill-health and illiteracy.


    Inclusive Growth

    Holistic approach to development

    Transparency as integral part of all activities



    Mr Asok M Chakraborty (Former Chief Secretary West Bengal)


    Revered Swami Suparnanandaji Maharaj (Secretary Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture)
    Prof Suranjan Das (Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, University of Calcutta)
    Prof Subha Shankar Sarkar (Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Netaji Subhas Open University)
    Dr(Prof) P. K. Giri (Former HOD Statistics, Narendrapur RKM)
    Mr Swapan Bandyopadhyay (Teacher RKM Purulia)
    Mr Shakti Prasad Mishra (Teacher RKM Purulia)
    Dr Tridip Roy (Prof. Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi)
    Prof Dwaipayan Dasgupta (Prof. M.I.T, U.S.A)
    Prof Tajuddin Ahmed (Prof. English, Alia University)
    Dr Nilima Sinha (Former Principal, Nistarini College, Purulia)
    Dr Bharati Bakshi
    Dr Asis Chattopadhyay
    Dr S. K. Datta
    Dr N. Chatterjee
    Ms Ranjana Sengupta and others.
    Dr Kaushik Basu (Vice-President and Chief Economist, World Bank). Dr Basu has kindly agreed to guide the activities of the school.


    • Registration Certificate
    • 12A Certificate
    • 80G Certificate
    • FCRA Certificate

    Our Programs

    We work among the most deprived, downtrodden communities. Our work area is primarily in the rural areas. The focus is on the Purulia district but some of our interventions are also in Bankura and West Midnapur districts of West Bengal and four districts of Jharkhand – East Singbhum, Seraikela-Kharsawan, Bokaro and Dhanbad.
    Our interventions in Jharkhand are in collaboration with Tata Steel Medical Unit. The urban interventions are in slums of north Kolkata from Baranagar to Kamarhati, covering a 15 km stretch which is home to 1.5 lakh families.

    Poverty in the area is widespread and rehabilitation of child labour was one of the foremost tasks we had taken up along with health issues with special focus on eye-care. In these slums we work to give skill-training to women who are the major bread-earners, but remain mostly illiterate and children who have lost their childhood working as child-labour.
    Nanritam is working across for rural development.

    Nanritam`s grassroot workers have been honoured with NVA Award given by Jamsetji Tata National Virtual Academy for Rural Prosperity( NVA), established under MS Swaminathan Reserach Foundation. The mission of MSSRF includes the knowledge and skill empowerment of rural families with the help of Information and Communication Technology- an area where Nanritam is working in collaboration with ISRO. Our workers were given the award by Professor M. S. Swaminathan himself.


    Award received from Cognizant Foundation.


    Vivekananda award received from Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi


    Filix School of Education
    Over the years, English has emerged as the language of choice for commerce, economic growth and social mobility. Teaching their children quality 'English' has emerged as one of the top expectations of majority of parents. Filix School of Education is Nanritam’s response to this hugely felt need enabling the children of Mamata the maid, Sipu the attendant, Dasarath the farmer, Nagar the cook, and many of their ilk to obtain quality education in English medium side by side with children from economically less disadvantaged families. The school has set forth its journey in April 2014 with three pre-school classes : Nursery, KG I, KG II and 70 students in total. Filix believes that Each child has a unique way of exploring the world around, a distinct process of acquiring knowledge and a unique individual style of interacting with people around. This makes every single child special in his/her own way. Our aim is to appreciate the uniqueness of each child and provide them with adequate support and space to bloom. For more details please visit our website : and subscribe our Youtube channel (NANRITAM YOUTUBE) and like our Facebook page at
    Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation

    Nanritam had begun its eye care project with a small 6 bedded eye hospital at Barandanga Para in 2008 initially providing only cataract and basic eye care services which  has now grown into a 100 bedded super speciality eye hospital catering to around 200000 patients per year. For more details please visit our website : and subscribe our Youtube channel (NANRITAM YOUTUBE) and like our Facebook page at

    Nanritam Krishi Kendra

    Nanritam had realised that along with health and education the community needed to be supported for better livelihood options too, and this led to the creation of an agriculture wing in 2010  involving 70 farmers in 6 villages. The numbers in the following years have swelled, and the Krishi Kendra now works with a much larger number of farmers covering a few districts. For more details please visit our website :


    UDBHAAS is an attempt to improve life quality of developmentally challenged children through provision of Integrated Care, with an interdisciplinary team approach and help them achieve the best to their potentiality. We also deem it our social responsibility to generate awareness about early detection, proper treatment and compassionate inclusion of these children with special needs, among all stakeholders, visit our website

    Our Guiding spirit

    Swami Lokeswaranandji Maharaj

    Born on 19th April 1909, Swami Lokeswaranandaji Maharaj left his mortal frame on 31st December, 1998. A renowned monk of the Ramakrishna order, Swami Lokeswaranandaji was a ‘Man without Frontiers.’ He was an erudite scholar & a great visionary with the rare ability of transforming his visions into action & achievement. 

    Sri K. R. Narayanan, Former President of India had observed that “Swami Lokeswaranandaji Maharaj belongs to India's tradition of the scholar sage. His learning was deep, as was his compassion for fellow human being. There was in him something of the inner luminosity of Sri Ramakrishna and the intellectual vigour of Swami Vivekananda.” 

    A man of indomitable courage, he built up the multidimensional educational complex of Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission, and made it a centre for excellence in school education. He also created the Narendrapur Lokshiksha Parishad that continues to equip the rural youth with employable skills in thousands of villages all over the country. He also set up the Blind boys’ Academy in Naredrapur that has excelled as one of the leading institutions for the blind in whole of Asia.

    During his tenure at Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata, Swami Lokeswaranandaji diversified the activities of the Institute and made it an International Cultural Centre recognized globally as an institution par excellence. He was the pioneer in establishing the Ramakrishna Vivekananda movement in Russia. He was invited to speak at Oxford, Cambridge, Humboldt & other universities throughout Europe, United States & Canada.

    Professor Vytautas Landsbergis, Former President of Lithuania recalled, “Swami Lokeswarananda was for us like presence of that spirit of peace, goodwill and an attempt towards mutual understanding. It was a spirit of great mother India and we appreciate it very much.” 

    He had impressed geniuses from all walks of life. Pandit Ravishankar, the internationally acclaimed musician remembered him as, “one of the very few impressive personalities that I have come across in my life. He was a grand combination of knowledge, authority, creativity, humility and love! " 

    Nanritam had published a book to celebrate his Birth-Centenary, containing reminiscences of Swami Lokeswaranandaji Maharaj by many eminent personalities. This free e-book can be downloaded from the link.

    Reminiscences  of
    Swami Lokeswarananda Maharaj

    This e-book can be downloaded from the link. 

    A Birth Centenary Tribute to 
    Swami Lokeswarananda Maharaj

    Fond Memories part-2

    A Birth Centenary Tribute to 

    Swami Lokeswarananda Maharaj


    A Birth Centenary Tribute to 

    Swami Lokeswarananda Maharaj


    Contact Details

    Flat No. 6

    28/1/2, Selimpur Road, Dhakuria, Selimpur, Kolkata, West Bengal, India


    For general enquiries

    [email protected]

    +91 - 9830044003